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Prewitt Racing

"A big part of a race team's success depends on the people who maintain and support the car. It is impossible to win unless you have reliability, a good setup and proper support at the track. Drivers usually get the credit, but it is the rest of the crew who allows the win to take place" says Hal Prewitt Team owner/driver and manager.

Prewitt Racing is a small team focused on road racing with a primary mission of supporting our sponsor for the marketing and promotion of Florida Orange Juice. The Team participates in numerous race series.


People are the source of our strength. Every person is an important and valued member of Prewitt Racing, in the shop, at the track and those who we chose to be our suppliers. They provide our racing and technological intelligence and determine our reputation and survivability. We look for each to perform with excellence and to provide reliable, economical, and quality service.

We build trust and teamwork with open, candid communications inside and outside our organization. An open family atmosphere combined with professional management fosters cooperation and enables each individual to maximize his or her contribution.

Leadership by integrity provides an environment where each of us can develop our talents, as well as find pride and fulfillment in our work. We are committed to the highest level of ethical conduct wherever we operate. We believe in maintaining high moral and ethical standards and reflecting honesty, integrity, reliability and forthrightness in all relationships.


Prewitt Racing, a division of Prewitt Enterprises, LLC. The office is located at 1675 N. Military Tr, Ste 500, Boca Raton, Florida 33486. Phone 435-604-0295, Fax 866-615-1453 and Email mail @ prewitt dot net

Beneficial Sponsors are The Billfish Foundation, Florida Citrus and Florida Citrus Mutual.

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