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Sponsors and Contact


Prewitt Enterprises, LLC
Prewitt Racing 1675 N. Military Tr, Suite 500
Boca Raton, Fl 33486
Phone 435-604-0295
Fax (toll free) 866-615-1453

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Beneficial Sponsors

Our Team's primary mission is supporting our sponsors.

Oranges Including Florida Citrus as part of a balanced diet is a powerful way to improve your health and supply your body with the nutrients it needs. Study after study has continued to prove the positive effects citrus can have on your health. From disease prevention, to building immunity, to supplying a daily dose of nutrients, 100% Florida orange juice, grapefruit juice and fresh citrus are important keys to overall wellbeing.




The Billfish Foundation

TBF was founded in 1986 by Winthrop P. Rockefeller and is the world's leading non-profit organization dedicated to TBF conserving billfish worldwide which helps ensure healthy oceans and strong coastal economies. TBF's signature research project is the traditional tag and release program that uses the efforts of anglers to provide data and research to scientists and fisheries managers.




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